Tractor Trailer Accidents

Many industries rely on large transport vehicles like 18-wheelers to deliver goods, products, and materials to stores and job-sites around the nation. Unfortunately, many truck drivers are placed on strict deadlines and may be forced to drive on very little sleep. The sheer size of such vehicles makes them especially deadly in the event of a collision, and may cause serious injury or death to drivers and passengers involved in an accident.

Compensation for Your Truck Accident Case:

Tractor Trailer Accidents

The size of most semi-trucks, the speeds at which they travel, their slowed braking times, and large blind spots make them considerable hazards on the road. Unfortunately, even if you are driving as safely as possible, you still may find yourself the victim of a severe accident if the driver of one of these vehicles fails to perform his or her job safely. Additionally, dangerous malfunctions on a commercial truck could also lead to a terrible accident.

We at The Dabney-Froe Law Group are here to help you fight for compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering in a variety of 18-wheeler accident cases, including:

  • Driver Error
  • Trucking Company Negligence
  • Hours of Service Violations

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